May 22, 2010

In A Dream

Sweat forms at my brow
As I struggle on in the heat of the desert.
I see my car ahead of me,
The hood open.
Swarms of different colors of melted ice cream fill the hood.
I dive into the cold, inviting flavors:
Cookie Dough
Double Fudge Brownie,
Cookies and Cream,
Cake Batter
And chocolate syrup stirring us all together.

I gasp for air after I reach the surface.
I pull myself out of the pool,
My clothes drenched.
A young child holds up her palms,
Holding a small, purple shell.
The soothing sound of ocean waves entice me to lift the shell to my ear.
The room spins.

Waves overlap my bare feet.
Wet sand squishes between my toes.
The setting sun gives off a pink and purple hue
Melting with the ocean’s deep blue.
At the horizon,
A large oak door appears.
A voice is calling to me from the other side.
I skip along the white sea foam to the sealed door.
A faint, silver light emits from the diamond dangling around my neck.
The door emanates the same glow
And I am engulfed in the blanketing brilliance.

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